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Are children allowed in the sauna?

Due to health and safety and insurance regulations, under 16s are not allowed in the sauna or cold plunge pools.

What should I bring?

Bring swimwear, sandals or flip-flops, and a water bottle. We recommend two towels: one for sitting in the sauna and one to dry yourself afterwards. 

Will I be sharing the sauna space?

Yes, the sauna is a mixed space with up to 8 people in any session. If you would like to book a private session please get in touch with

​How long are sauna sessions?

Standard bookings are 1 hour to use iglu sauna and plunge pools. 

​Can I go into the sauna naked?

Clothing is compulsory in the sauna, so please bring your swimwear or you'll be going home disappointed! 

Should I bring food and drink?

We provide chilled water to ensure you can stay constantly rehydrated. We ask you do not take food or drink, other than bottled water, into the sauna for health, safety and hygiene reasons. 

What are the facilities on site?

As well as our sauna and cold plunge pools, at our current location we currently have a changing room, cold showers, outdoor deckchairs with a wood-burning fire and a toilet. 

How do I cancel or reschedule?

Please contact to cancel or reschedule your slot. If you cannot make your session we kindly ask for at least 48 hours notice allowing us to offer your booking to another guest and a full refund will be given. If you inform us 24 hours in advance we will provide sauna credits. Any cancellations less than 24 hours before your booking are non-refundable. 

What do I need to do to be safe in the sauna?

Saunas are amazing for your body, but only when you do them right. To ensure you stay safe in the sauna, we recommend you limit yourself to a maximum of 15-20 minutes per sauna visit. It goes without saying, but no smoking in the sauna room, and please note due to its dehydrating factors, alcohol is strictly forbidden.


If you experience any nausea, dizziness, hot flushes, cold chills, headaches or other discomfort please leave the sauna immediately. Drink plenty of fluids before and after leaving the sauna. We will ask you to fill in a health form before entering the sauna.

See our sauna safety page for more information.

How to find us?

Check out our location on the Contact page. 

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